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Our compact teams of experienced designers create distinctive concepts for brands and businesses around the globe. - Price start at 7,000Php for a LOGO Design. 5,000Php for a Calling Card Design, Graphic design (5,000Php), 3D Visualization (8,000Php), Storyboard Design (7,000Php), Branding Design (12,000Php), Social Media branding (12,000Php), Event and Exhibit Design (12,000Php),

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Make the right impression, stand out, revitalise your business - all through stunning design. We embrace and provoke new ways of thinking and doing in order to help our clients navigate through rapidly changing competitive environments. Strong Media Corp. creates value by earning consumer attention through engagement resulting in a synergy of the brand.


Powerful graphic design & strategic advertising proven to get you noticed. We work with and across a broad range of mediums and software - both traditional and digital. Logo Design, Multimedia, Live Event, Photography, Video, Billboard, Flyers, Invitations, etc.


A strong brand identity is the foundation your company rests upon. But it takes time and effort to establish an identity that is made to last. At Strong Media we have collected multiple specialists who can aid you in achieving a strong brand identity from scratch. From strategists, to creatives and tech savvy professionals, we're ready to help you, whether it's a fresh start or total rebranding.


We design and visualize designs for both large and small event, exhibit and tradeshow. .


Storyboards are an integral part of any video making process. It allows you to see how the visual narrative of your project is playing out and to make sure the story is being told in the most effective way. Storyboards are also a way to catch mistakes or misunderstandings early in the process, saving you time, money, and resources.

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Wondering what opportunities there are for your company or brand in the field of video / event / live streaming / voice-over / design / exibit booth? Our new business team are ready to answer your question (

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Design and Marketing Services

It’s our mission to ensure that every client has a brand that reaches its maximum potential and also feels ‘right’ for the business. Our team of experienced creatives manage and deliver the full brand cycle, from the initial discovery phase, through to online and offline asset production.


Design is at the core of what we do. We sketch and illustrate our initial thoughts to deliver digital art, bespoke typography and image making. We live and breathe design and draw inspiration from cultures and surroundings. Through our expert knowledge, we design and create original commercial work with heart, soul, integrity and most importantly - originality.

Identity design

Discovering a brand’s identity, and creating the perfect design. We fuse creativity with commercial awareness, to form an identity with emotional impact and deliver design that always exceeds audience expectations.


Setting the foundations of tone and style, voicing a vision, communicating concepts and selling the dream behind a product or business. We create compelling copy, finding the right words for clients across a diverse range of industries.

Collateral & Asset Design

The building blocks that educate, amplify and empower. We design and produce marketing collateral and assets to support any type of business, product or campaign.


The plan that brings a brand to life. We get to know our clients’ desired outcomes, mapping out the touchpoints and triggers to engage, acquire and retain an audience. The result: A bulletproof brand strategy, with clarity, confidence and an all-important commercial focus.


So if you need a top-notch video production company for your corporate video, broadcast commercial, music video or online promo, get in touch. You can call us on 0917.844.24.15 or mail

Design & Marketing package price

Every video production is unique in its kind. Some require droneshots or big stabilization rigs while others need big flashy animations. The prices depend on the ordered product or product package. Email us directly with your requirement so we can prepare you a custom offer (!

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Being strong defines who we are, how we think and how we work. Being strong means being passionate about making a difference. We strive to make life easier through intelligent, distinct and beautiful brand experiences. At the core is always a Strong idea, an ambitious vision that captures the essence of a brand and pushes the brand forward. We are Strong. Media


We are Strong Media, a full-service Creative Agency in the Philippines with over 21 years of experience. Specializing in design, motion graphics, video production, events, stage design, fabrication, 3D modeling, animation, creative thinking, storyboards, voice-over, creative writing, talent booking, teleprompter, live streaming, photo video coverage, and timelapse services.


When Philippine-based Creative Aganecy 'Strong Media' grew too large for their old office, they built a 3 story building urban space into a stunning open-concept location for their entire team. The new Strong Media office balances industrial elements with cozy, collaborative spaces, such as a design library and kitchen.

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