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Telepromter Rental.

Strong Media Corp™ provides teleprompter services that can be used in concerts, video shoot, corporate events and awards shows, to assist the speaker/performer to remember his lines.

We just love the creative space™

We provide studio and location prompting, supplying on-camera, free standing and corporate presentation systems installed and operated by our select team of technicians.

The technology we use to help you are presidential, stage, and
camera mounted teleprompter rental services. Our teleprompter rental services
are complete and come with an operator and all of the necessary equipment
to help the speaker to presentation with confidence.

iPad free Standing Teleprompter, comes with adjustable height tripod, 14x14inch Glass, black hood, laptop with software and operator. (less 1,500Php if client provide teleprompter software operator)
12,000Php +VAT/ 8 Hours

The Presidential Teleprompter (Executive Speech Prompter) holds two 15-inch LCD monitors and two 14x14inch glass on a adjustbel tripod, so that the talent can read the text and address the audience as well (less 1,500Php if client provide teleprompter software operator).
18,000Php +VAT/ 8 Hours

Down Stage Monitors Prompter are large flat Screen LCD Monitors (32 or 42 inch) positioned in the presenter's line of sight as he walks the stage and looks out into the audience while he reads the screens (less 1,500Php if client provide teleprompter software operator).
14,000Php +VAT/ 8 Hours

The Teleprompter Basic Steps & Price Guide!

Our "Teleprompter" Guide can be downloaded from our Google Drive Page.

Strong Media Corp™ is a full service teleprompter Supplier for video shoot, corporate events and concerts.

Teleprompter rentals always include an experienced operator and all necessary equipment. Less 1,500Php if client provide ther own teleprompter software operator.

In order to help your production go smoothly and quickly, we encourage you to e-mail your script to the following address (24hrs prior to call time):

Whether you need to work with video for a conference, concerts, show, photo-shoot, art installations, experimental projects, or broadcast to name a few. we can help you solve your technical playback problems.

We have various media servers, VJ software, playback programs and more to allow us to turn your ideas into a technical reality.

- Everything from simple video playback to complex shows
- Video playback on cues

It takes around 30 minutes to set-up our teleprompter system, if you want to have a pre-show/shoot run-through you should include this in the schedule as well. Also, pls endorse us to your venues ingress procedure (manpower and equipment list will be emailed after signed contract).

So if you need a top-notch telepromter supplier for your next corporate event, show, concert or video shoot, get in touch. You can call us on 0917.844.24.15 or mail

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We just love the creative space™


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