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Photo and Video Coverage

We offer professional event filming, video playback, and photo coverage services starting from single camera solutions and moving on to complex multi-camera setups for a wide coverage of your event. We also offer Live Video Mix, Live To screen solution, Same Day Edit (SDE), and Live Recording to ProRes. No matter what the live event is we can provide a film crew with the expertise to create a fantastic video.

Photo and Video

Live Coverage and Streaming

Filming a live event can help your company obtain a much wider audience reach than just the attendance in the room. Our live event team can capture your event in full HD, giving you the best possible coverage of your show. Strong Media Corp. can supply the skilled personnel to support your production. We manage complex projects and provide on site production management in all areas of live event video / photo coverage.


Using a full system with HD multi-camera and HD video switcher to cover your live event from start to end is the only way to ensure that every important aspect of your event has proper video coverage. With options from Tripod Mounted Cameras, shoulder-mount, Jib (crane), and steady-cam, we provide two or more video cameras.


This is a great way to summarize the purpose and key messages of your event. This type of coverage is about capturing the significant moments, activities and insights that took place and brings it all together in an engaging way for attendees. Highlights often include venue location, sound bites from speakers, shout outs to sponsors, any entertainment, and attendees networking. Not only does the highlight video reinforce the key message of the event, it can be a useful way to remind guests of what actually happened!


With a video switcher you can have the live feed showen on the events large video screen. You can also connect a laptop and show videos or other presentations that will be seamless switch back and forth during the live event and any other individual cameras as a back up for later editing. After recording, you can simply take the hard drive(s) and hook them up to any computer and start view your video file(s) or have our video post-production experts clean it up and add motion graphics before you get the final edit master.


We provide a full range of live video streaming (Facebook / Youtube) services, excluding internet connectivity. Our team can execute live streams with an unlimited number of cameras.

Video Production

We can co-ordinate your entire video production, including script, storyboard, video shoot, teleprompter, post production, animation, 3d, blue/green-screen, actors/presentors, talent booking, technical crew, location, light, camera, sound, and voice-over. Price start at 35,000Php or 692USD (with per shooting day for 8hours)


Wondering what opportunities there are for your company or brand in the field of video / event / live streaming / voice-over / design / exibit booth? Our new business team are ready to answer your question (

Live Video / Photo Coverage Services

We believe in the power of live video. Connecting and interacting, from anywhere in the world. Every event, performance or show can benefit from the magic of being together, even though you are miles apart. Our mission is to spread the magic of live video and connect people across the world: We Are Live..


Live events are special; they only happen once. Filming all the keynote speeches, panel discussions and all the sessions happening on stage with one or multiple cameras is a great way of capturing the essence of your conference, which can be later shared with the attendees or those who couldn't make it. We always put emphasis on capturing these sessions in a visually-pleasing way, while ensuring high-quality and clear, pristine audio.


We believe that sound quality deserves a lot of attention. We bring our own engineer for a detailed live mix for the video coverage.


We provide a full range of live video streaming (Facebook / Youtube) services, excluding internet connectivity. Our team can execute live streams with an unlimited number of cameras


We provide complete technical support for 80% of our projects. (LED) screens, sound, light and stage: everything with our own equipment. Also possible without livestream.


We knows how important it is to have professional, high-quality photographs of your well-planned events so you can immediately tell the world about it or use it in your internal communication. We always provide spectacular photos of every happening of your event andfocus on showing engagement, connections, good vibes, diversity and candid moments.


If you want complete coverage, you will find it difficult with one camera. Things often happen in more than one place at the same time, or you will want shots of different people who are far apart. This is all but impossible to achieve smoothly with one camera.


After we have recorded you live event, we can either turn over the RAW files, live mix (if we provide video switcher), or we can during the event provide same day edit (the finish product can then be show in the later part of the event). We can also have our video production expert bring the files back to our studio and make an impressive video that you long after the vent can use in your marketing.


A multi-camera registration of a corporate show holds no secrets for us. Productionally the same as live, afterwards a complete montage.


Reach your customers or employees efficiently through a live webcast with interactive chat capability. Can be used from your office or in a studio..


All channels, both audio and video, can be recorded ISO (separately) for final editing. The option is available to stream also on (private) channels. By default, we deliver the integral recording of the broadcast immediately afterwards.


Many events are impacted by the restrictions and regulations surrounding the corona-virus, with a lot of last-minute cancellations. To help out event- and communicationprofessionals, we offer a broad range of options, from basic webcast package at a discounted rate to full-fletched digital events.
This way, you can still make your event happen, albeit in a digital interactive livestream. The event is captured and streamed to the entire audience, leveraging interaction tools and live video connections with speakers at home.

Switchers, mixers, cameras, live streaming, and encoders are built in to our mobile professional studio. One camera to multi cameras, video playback, to photo coverage of live events.

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