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Graphic Design & Visualisation.

Strong Media Corp™ create designs that translate strategy into clear, visual brand attributes that are built to work in a multi-channel digital environment.

We just love the creative space™

We work across different sectors, from the built environment, to arts and culture, children's entertainment, events and placemaking. Our goal is to always produce great work, and to have fun.

We can help you to communicate to YOUR clients.
Make the right impression, stand out,
revitalise your business - all through stunning design.


Strong Media helps companies, brands, products, and environments to flourish.
We create holistic, innovative solutions born of a unique combination of
insight-driven strategy, great ideas and unique design.

We believe that design is not just how something looks, but how something works and interacts with its environment. Whether it is a brand identity or a product that needs a design solution, we work with the ambition to create the best user experience as possible to our customers and their clients.

Powerful graphic design & strategic advertising proven to get you noticed. We work with and across a broad range of mediums and software - both traditional and digital. Logo Design, Multimedia, Live Event, Photography, Video, Billboard, Flyers, Invitations, etc.

We design and visualize designs for both large and small event, exhibit and tradeshow.

Storyboards are an integral part of any video making process. It allows you to see how the visual narrative of your project is playing out and to make sure the story is being told in the most effective way. Storyboards are also a way to catch mistakes or misunderstandings early in the process, saving you time, money, and resources.

Making connections: Web, mobile, apps, film, animation, digital content and social media design.

Creating desire: Visual architecture, portfolio segmentation, structural design, limited editions and packaging guideline design.

If a product doesn't exist, we visualise it. 3D images and animations for video and print.

Image is everything! Our team of expert designers will unveil and develop the unique image of your business.
Making a mark: Brand identity, visual language systems, brand communications, brand expression books, brand guidelines, brand films, creative and design consulting.

As you begin planning your coverage of a live event, don't you want the peace of mind in knowing that every moment of your event will be recorded? Let Strong Media Corp. cover your next event!

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We just love the creative space™


Our capabilities unite all of our disciplines: strategy, creative, technology, and production. This allows us to take our clients from concept to design, to delivering experiences that inspire action. From event, design, fabrication to photography, video production, and more.. making possibilities virtually endless..