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Strong Media Corp™ can Provide Equipment Rentals for Your Event and Video Production.

We just love the creative space™

HD SWITCHER ROLAND V-1HD - Compact and portable HD switcher, 4 HDMI inputs up to Full HD 1080p.
 4,900Php / Day 
HD RECORDER HyperDeck Shuttle 2 - Portable SSD recorder with SDI and HDMI. Features built-in rechargeable battery (ProRes).
 3,500Php / Day 
SDI to HDMI We offer a mix of SDI-HDMI and HDMI-SDI converters and cables.
 2,500Php / Day 
HD PLAYBACK Mac - Apple Computer video playback system with ARENA software and video library of digital juice.
 12,500Php / Day 
SDI Cable's For rent SDI cables. (Also have converters and monitors).
 2,500Php + VAT / Day 

DIREC. MONITOR Director Monitor Rig - Monitor Cage, Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver, blackmagic video assist monitor, Large 12v/5v Battery, Small USB Battery for Transmitter
 15,000Php / Day 
WIRELESS VIDEO Nyrius ARIES Pro Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver To Stream HD 1080p (100feet).HDMI connection.
 10,000Php / Day 
SONY a7s II SONY a7s II, Body, Sony SEL35F14Z Distagon T FE 35mm f/1.4 ZA Prime Lens, Battries (5pcs), Charger (2pcs).
 15,500Php / Day 
DJI RONIN-M DJI Ronin-M - 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabilizer.
 12,500Php / Day 
Monitor/Recorder Blackmagic Design Video Assist - HDMI/6G-SDI Recorder and Monitor.
 12,500Php / Day 

TELEPROMPTER 1 CAMERA TELEPROMPTER - 15" LCD Free Standing Teleprompter, comes with adjustable height tripod, 14x14inch Glass, black hood, laptop with software and operator.
 from 12,000Php + VAT / 8 Hours 
TELEPROMPTER 2 The Presidential Teleprompter (Executive Speech Prompter) holds two 15-inch LCD monitors and two 14x14inch glass on a adjustbel tripod, so that the talent can read the text and address the audience.
 18,000Php + VAT / 8 Hours 
TELEPROMPTER 3 Down Stage Monitors Prompter are large flat Screen LCD Monitors (32 or 42 inch) positioned in the presenter's line of sight as he walks the stage and looks out into the audience while he reads the screens.
 14,000Php + VAT / 8 Hours 
TELEPROMPTER 4 Mac - Apple Computer with prompter software.
 4,900Php / Day 
CAMERA SLIDER Camera slider for DSLRs.
 1,950Php + VAT / 8 Hours  

JIB/CRANE Camera Jib / Crane with DJI RONIN-M (Gimbal), remote control and monitor for rent.
 25,000Php + VAT / 8 Hours 
NIKON D7000 NIKON D7000 / NIKON D7100 / SONY A7SII Video/Still camera with lens / tripod / mic for rent.
 From 2,500Php / Day 
DJI Osmo Pocket DJI Osmo Pocket - 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Camera.
 3,000Php+ VAT / 8 Hours  
PRIME LENS 35mm For rent: Sony SEL35F14Z Distagon T FE 35mm f/1.4 ZA Prime Lens.
 3,500Php+ VAT / 8 Hours   (plus caretaker 1,000Php)

We only accept retals that is larger than: 10,000Php per rental opportunity/day.
(You can select more than one rental product or service.)

PHOTOWALL Photowall 8x8ft (23kPhp +VAT), 8x12ft (33kPhp +VAT) or 8x24ft (43kPhp +VAT) with tarp print, pin-lights, and installation for rent.
 from 23,000Php / Day 
RED CARPET Red carpet with installation for rent (100x6ft).
 12,500Php / Day 
32", 42" TV Samsung 32" LCD TV with stand (1pcs) (4,000Php/Day), or 2pcs (6,000Php/Day).
65" ULTRA HD (4k) SMART TV with stand (1pcs) (12,000Php/Day), or 2pcs (24,000Php/Day).
 4,000Php / Day 
65" ULTRA HD TV LG 65" ULTRA HD (4k) SMART TV with stand (1pcs) (12,000Php/Day), or 2pcs (24,000Php/Day).
 12,000Php / Day 

SOUND & LIGHT Sound and light rentals for concert and special events.
TRUSS & RIGGING We can provide a wide range of Truss, scaffolding and associated Rigging Equipment for special events and concerts.
STAGE Stage rental for any design and style (Height available: 6 inches 1 ft 2 ft 3 ft).
LONG BENCH 3pcs of 8ft long white benches for rent (2ft height with pink/black/White seat).
 5,000Php / Day 
BLACK DIVIDERS 12pcs of black dividers (easy to put up walls and divide large areas in to rooms) size 12x3ft.
 10,000Php / Day 

CHAIRS & TABLES Different style of chairs and tabels for rent (Monoblock chairs, Golden Tifany chairs, and Tables, etc.
MINI TRUSS We also rent out mini trusses. Height: 7ftx2pcs (4kPhp) and 8ftx2pcs (5kPhp). Perfect to hanging lights etc.
 from 4,000Php / Day 
COCKTAIL TABLES Cocktail Table (1pcs) w/cover and flowers = 1,500Php or 15pcs = 22,500Php. for rent
 1,500Php / Day 

RAFFLE Event random number selector, can raffle tickets up to 99999 (or any two number in between 0-99999). All winning numbers are stored in a separate text file. One raffle number can only win one time (Background graphic can be changed). (WITH OPERATOR / Computer not included)
 5,000Php / Day 
VOTING Electronic voting system for rent.
PHOTO BOOTH Instagram Hashtag Photobooth: Pick a unique hashtag for your event and hashPrinter will display / print all photos by anyone with that hashtag.
 12,500Php / Day 
Wii Game (Rental) Nintendo Wii Game Console available for rent (price includes Console and 8 hours service), Perfect for Events.
 3,500Php / Day 
Ipad 4 (Rental) The fourth-generation iPad available for rent (price includes Ipad and 8 hours service), Perfect for registartion, games etc.
 1,800Php / Day 

Buss (Coaster) Rental Bus Toyoa Coster for rent, can be used as is or re-designed with event branding etc. Has a mobile recording studio setup with sofas.
 18,000Php / Day 

Press the Button Press the Button with Warning Lights (red and green). First team that press (have their Warning Light lighted) get to answer the question.
 5,500Php / Day 
Balloon Pop Balloon Pop Challenge, pump the balloon full of air till it reach the nail and pop.
 5,500Php / Day 
LED Wings LED lighted wings for event photo-op.
 18,500Php (+VAT) / 8 hours 
360 video booth 360 spin video booth for cellphones.
 25,500Php / 8 hours 
Ball Pit Rental Ball pit rental with clear achrylic pool, stairs and 2500 pcs of white balls. Branding can be added for an extra cost
 15,500Php / 8 hours 


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Being strong defines who we are, how we think and how we work. Being strong means being passionate about making a difference. We strive to make life easier through intelligent, distinct and beautiful brand experiences. At the core is always a Strong idea, an ambitious vision that captures the essence of a brand and pushes the brand forward. We are Strong. Media


We are Strong Media, an all-inclusive Creative Agency, based in the Philippines with over 17 years of experience. At 'Strong Media' we love to design, are keen on motion graphics, attached to video production, crazy about events, fond of Stage Design and Fabrication, enjoy 3D modeling and animation, We can't resist creative thinking, have a weakness for Creating Storyboards, get good vibrations from voice-over, have a taste for creative writing, take delight in talent booking, we also offer teleprompter, Live streaming, Photo Video Coverage.


When Philippine-based Creative Aganecy 'Strong Media' grew too large for their old office, they built a 3 story building urban space into a stunning open-concept location for their entire team. The new Strong Media office balances industrial elements with cozy, collaborative spaces, such as a design library and kitchen.

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Our office / Building is awesome, just like our team. Want to visit us?
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